Stand-alone base station for 5G mobile communications in Trollstigen, Norway

Project description

At the Trollstigen site in Norway, a stand-alone base station for 5G mobile communications went into operation in the fall of 2020. The electrical supply is provided exclusively using renewable energy sources: Solar, wind, hydrogen. The station is dimensioned in such a way that the solar and wind power is usually sufficient to operate the transmitting equipment. If, however, solar and wind energy are not sufficiently available, a fuel cell from the manufacturer Ballard Power Systems is used to supply the transmission technology with electricity. The energy storage system is a 125kWh Li-ion battery. The power supply concept, the converter technology and the higher-level control and regulation technology are products of ELTEK AS Nordic.

Consortium leader / Applicant: ELTEK AS Nordic, A DELTA Group Company
Project partner: Ballard Power Systems: Ballard Power Systems
Customer(s): Telia Norge
State: Trollstigen, Reinheimen National Park

Postcode, place: Norway
Commissioning: October 2020
Project duration: 6 months

Fuel cell system: Ballard Power Systems, FCgen-H2PM 4.5kW/48V
Bridging time: Calculated operating time of the Bz: < 100h/year
Rated power: 4.5 kW
Rated voltage: 48 VDC
Fuel: hydrogen
Fuel supply: 26 bottles of 50l each
Fuel filling pressure: 300 bar
Battery capacity:125kWh



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