Off-Grid Power for Obstruction Lights


Obstruction lights are essential for modern and powerful wind turbines. To ensure operation during construction, a leading wind farm developer has been using Sunfire-Remote in combination with PV systems for powering various construction sites since 2014.

Projektpartner: Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH
Kunde(n): Leading global wind farm developer

Ort: Ireland, Scotland, Spain

Anwendungsbereich(e): Sicherheit

Brennstoffzellen-System: Sunfire-Remote 400 fuel cell generator
Überbrückungszeit: permanent off-grid power supply solution with PV for summer months
Nennleistung: 350 W each, two-digit number at several construction sites
Brennstoff: Propane / BioLPG

Inbetriebnahme: 2014
Laufzeit: 2014 to present


Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH
Markus Münch
+49 151 159 971 38

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