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AuroraHuts houseboat igloos: SFC Energy provides soft tourism

Project description

AuroraHuts Oy and SFC Energy have already been cooperating in the field of sustainable tourism since October 2019. AuroraHut® is a completely new way of making your dream holiday an unforgettable experience in every respect. The innovative panorama cabins float as houseboats over impressive lake landscapes. The EFOY fuel cell quietly and reliably provides off-grid power for lighting the boat and for all other devices on board. Powerful, environmentally friendly and odourless, it also charges the battery of the e-boat motor. This offers guests the opportunity to change the location of their AuroraHut® on the lake at will. This makes your stay an incomparable holiday experience in the heart of nature and, above all, in harmony with nature – thanks to EFOY fuel cells.

“AuroraHuts and SFC Energy, it’s a perfect fit. We are very excited about this enriching cooperation for sustainable tourism and an immediate nature experience for our customers. It is also part of our growth strategy to secure patent protection for our concept in North America and other northern countries,” says Juha Kärkkäinen, Managing Director of AuroraHuts Oy.

Client(s): AuroraHuts Oy

State: International
Place: Canada

Fuel cell system: EFOY fuel cell

Commissioning: Cooperation since 2019


SFC Energy
Jens Jüttner
Phone +49 89 125 09 03-32

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