Self-sufficient house

picea – year-round electricity storage for your own home

Project description

picea is the world’s first market-ready product that enables a year-round CO2-free and independent power supply for one/two-family houses and thus immediately achieves the energy turnaround in the home. This is achieved through seasonal hydrogen storage, which stores the solar surplus from the summer and makes it available for the consumption is converted back into electricity in winter. The household electricity is covered only by solar energy, which means that no more CO2 is produced for this supply. In addition, the process heat is used and costs and CO2 emissions are also saved in the heat supply of a house.
picea consists of two main components: Energy center (contains batteries for short-term storage, electrolyser, fuel cell, ventilation unit, energy management, solar charge controller and inverter) and hydrogen storage incl. Compressor.

Consortium leader / applicant: HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH
Customer(s): Homeowner

State: Berlin
Place: 12489 Berlin

Fuel cell system: PEM
Rated power: 1,500 W
Fuel: green hydrogen
Fuel filling pressure: 300 bar
BAttery capacity: 25 kWh

Commissioning: Market entry mid 2019


Tel: 030 / 235 914 000

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