Off-grid power supply for radio relay station

Project description

Our fuel cell power generators run unattended and without maintenance for up to 10,000 operating hours. That’s a world record! That is why the leading US telecommunications network operator also trusts in our devices. These provide reliable power to several telecommunications facilities in Alaska. Because our Sunfire remotes require little effort, our units are very popular in Alaska, where directional radio stations are often installed on mountaintops. These can only be reached by helicopter – and only in good weather. Our customers benefit from long maintenance intervals and low fuel consumption..

Project partners: Sunfire GmbH, Ensol Systems Inc., Canada
Customer(s): Leading US telecommunications provider

Country: USA
Place: Alaska

Field(s) of application: Telecommunications

Fuel cell system: 2 pieces Sunfire-Remote 400
Bridging time: Continuous operation in redundant configuration (fail-safe) for highest availability, combination with PV for the summer months
Rated power: 350 W each
Fuel: Propane

Commissioning: 09/20121


Sunfire GmbH
Markus Münch – Senior Product Manager Fuel Cells
+49 151 159 971 38

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