Emergency power systems for the wind energy industry

Project description

The wind energy industry requires UPS systems (uninterruptible power supply) for countless applications, most of which are mains-operated and designed for a specific bridging time. Emergency power systems are a special application, which always have to take over and secure the energy supply in the long term if the primary supply system is not available. A typical example are lighting systems that have to be supplied even during longer grid shutdowns or the construction phase of a wind turbine before it is connected to the grid. Gridion® systems are made for these cases. Where a noisy diesel generator used to do its work, a quiet and environmentally friendly fuel cell now does.

Possible applications
As a small mobile box for use directly at the consumer in the nacelle or as a trailer in front of the wind turbine – gridion is your reliable and grid-independent power supply.

All Gridion systems use a battery as intermediate storage, which is charged by the fuel cell. The optimal design of fuel cell, battery and consumer is decisive for the economic operation of the entire system. The Gridion-PB and Gridion-PT systems have solar-assisted battery charging.

Let our experts advise you and invest in your tailor-made emergency power system.

For temporary use, you can use all Gridion systems at attractive daily or weekly rentals.

As part of your UPS concept, you can arrange for the provision of part of our rental fleet within defined response times.

Consortium Leader / Applicant:
Enertrag, the wind industry
Project partners: Sunfire GmbH (New enerday GmbH) , Enertrag Systemtechnik GmbH
Customer: Enertrag, the wind industry

State: Several states
Location: Several locations

Field of application: Emergency power
Fuel cell system: Gridion-M, Gridion-PT, Gridion-PB
Bridging time: min. 72 hours
Rated power: according to model
Fuel: Methanol


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