Off-grid power for stationary speed measurement system

Project description

Again and again there were serious, sometimes fatal accidents between Hückeswagen and Remscheid. Often the cause was excessive speed. The large number of serious accidents was the decisive factor for the city of Remscheid and the accident commission to install a stationary laser speed measurement system from JENOPTIK.

The aim of the speed camera system is to defuse the accident black spot and to reduce the risk of accidents by means of an adapted driving style on the part of road users. The biggest challenge, however, is the continuous power supply of the measuring system (including integrated components such as camera, inverter, heating, etc.) at the endangered location. There is no access to the stationary power supply at the accident black spot. Due to the remote location, no power supply could be provided by the local supplier at economic conditions. Within the scope of planning a measuring system, an environmentally friendly and low-maintenance power supply solution was sought. The installation site is located in the forest area and is therefore mostly in the shade. For this reason, the power supply with solar panels is not a reliable alternative.

The EFOY Pro 2800, installed in a weatherproof EFOY ProCabinet, is the ideal power supply solution for a speed measurement system at remote locations. The city of Remscheid uses the predecessor model EFOY Pro 2400 Duo in its application. The energy supply is ensured 24/7 with the fuel cell. In addition to the EFOY’s environmentally friendly mode of operation, it also helps the city of Remscheid avoid costly maintenance work. Only the fuel cartridges need to be changed from time to time.

“The potential of the fuel cell comes to the fore impressively in the Jenoptik systems. Together with our partner, we thus have the opportunity to make important contributions at several levels: environmental protection and road safety. It is clear that increasing digitalization of road traffic improves environmental protection. We are all the more pleased when this digitalization is now fed by environmentally friendly fuel cell energy”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy AG.

Project partners: SFC Energy, Jenoptik
Customer(s): City of Remscheid

State: NRW
Place: 42853 Remscheid

Field(s) of application: Transport

Fuel cell system: EFOY Pro fuel cell + EFOY ProCabinet 2130A
Bridging time: 60 days @ 90 W
Rated power: 125 W
Fuel: Methanol
Fuel supply: 16.8 kg

Commissioning: 2021


SFC Energy
Thomas Fürstberger
089 / 673 592 – 0

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