Security of supply of radio relay networks

Project description

In the event of a disaster, the digital radio relay network of the Tyrol ensures the transmission of data relevant to alerting and the connection of the individual districts. When planning the network, particular attention was therefore paid to stability, fail-safety and redundancy. For the mostly alpine locations, a combination of photovoltaics and battery for independent power supply is suitable. However, further measures are needed to ensure a weather-independent energy supply for critical sites. At the deflection point on the Messelingkogel, at an altitude of just under 2,700 m, the SIQENS Ecoport 800 is used. The energy of the fuel cell is sufficient to operate not only the connected directional antennas, but also a small electric heater, which is used for de-icing the system in winter. The connected tank with 200 litres of methanol provides enough energy to run the site self-sufficiently for several months.

Project partner: Siqens GmbH
Client(s): Office of the Tyrolean Provincial Government

Location: Austria, Tyrol, 6020 Innsbruck

Field(s) of application: Telecommunications

Fuel cell system: SIQENS Ecoport 800
Rated power: 500 W
Fuel: Methanol (IMPCA 99.85%)

Commissioning: 01.06.2019


Siqens Ltd.
Mr Kriegelstein
+49 89 452 4463 – 0

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