Seasonal energy storage at Klar Energie in Dernbach

Project description

In Dernbach, Klar Energie uses a hydrogen-based long-term energy storage system. The central component of this system, in order to make the energy stored in hydrogen usable again, is the stationary PM Module S5 fuel cell system from Proton Motor.

So that the energy produced by a PV system is available around the clock, a short-term accumulator is used, which enables the energy gained during the day to be used in the evening hours. Another task of this storage system is to compensate for the company’s changing energy requirements. The accumulator storage also forms the interface to the long-term storage.

If the battery is “fully” charged and the energy requirements of the house are met, the excess energy is converted into hydrogen via electrolysis. This can be stored permanently in tanks and converted back into electrical and thermal energy via the fuel cell system . The waste heat from the fuel cell is used to support the heating system.

The system includes the electrolyser, the fuel cell, an inverter and the energy management system. Proton Motor supplied the PM Module S5 fuel cell system and the components required for connection to the inverter. Our partner has integrated the individual components into the overall system, installed them at Klar Energie and started up them together with us, while service and maintenance are also carried out by Proton Motor.

Consortium leader / applicant: Energie Autarkie Klar Folien GmbH
Project partner: Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH

Federal state: Rhineland-Palatinate
Location: Dernbach

Scope (s) of application: Self-sufficient house

Fuel cell system: PM Module S5 fuel cell system from Proton Motor
Fuel: hydrogen

Commissioning: 2015


Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH
Phone +49 89 127 62 65 11

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