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Project Sömmerda

In cooperation with GE Regionalnetze Südost and Proton Motors, the first modular fuel cell emergency power system (FC-NEA) of the DB Bahnbau Group was commissioned in Sömmerda.

Mobile communication system with BZ

An off-grid mobile site powered by biomethanol-based PEM FC and reformer from Hyref. Project partners also include Deutsche Telekom and PASM.

The business Debate

Interview with Manfred Limbrunner, Director Sales & Marketing, Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH.

Hydrogenics Shift Power

Video-Beitrag von Hydrogenics

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project at Honolulu Harbor

Hydrogenics designed and manufactured a containerized 100-kilowatt hydrogen fuel cell unit, which includes the fuel cell engine, a hydrogen storage system, and power-conversion equipment.

H2FCHannover 2018: Interview Tobias König, NOW GmbH

Fuel Cells for stand-alone power supply to critical infrastructure – a NIP focal point, Tobias König, Programme Manager Green Logistics and Power Supply to Critical Infrastructure NOW GmbH

Press echo

The momentum of hydrogen

To date, more than 50,000 fuel cells have been sold, the company is active in various markets worldwide and, with around 280 employees today, describes itself as the first profitable fuel cell manufacturer in the world to be listed on the stock exchange.

Press releases

Sunfire: Grocer MPREIS relies on green hydrogen

The Tyrolean grocer MPREIS wants to save tons of CO2 emissions with green hydrogen. To this end, Europe’s largest single-stack electrolyzer from Sunfire is now going into operation.

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