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Project Sömmerda

In cooperation with GE Regionalnetze Südost and Proton Motors, the first modular fuel cell emergency power system (FC-NEA) of the DB Bahnbau Group was commissioned in Sömmerda.

Mobile communication system with BZ

An off-grid mobile site powered by biomethanol-based PEM FC and reformer from Hyref. Project partners also include Deutsche Telekom and PASM.

The business Debate

Interview with Manfred Limbrunner, Director Sales & Marketing, Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH.

Hydrogenics Shift Power

Video-Beitrag von Hydrogenics

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project at Honolulu Harbor

Hydrogenics designed and manufactured a containerized 100-kilowatt hydrogen fuel cell unit, which includes the fuel cell engine, a hydrogen storage system, and power-conversion equipment.

H2FCHannover 2018: Interview Tobias König, NOW GmbH

Fuel Cells for stand-alone power supply to critical infrastructure – a NIP focal point, Tobias König, Programme Manager Green Logistics and Power Supply to Critical Infrastructure NOW GmbH

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