Self-sufficient house

Outdoor fuel cell plant for the reconversion of regenerative hydrogen into electricity

Project description

In Rostock-Laage, a pilot project for the intermediate storage of surplus wind energy using hydrogen was commissioned on an industrial scale in 2020. The fuel cell system developed and manufactured by Proton Motor is part of this storage system and is used to convert the stored hydrogen back into electricity. At the same time, the resulting reaction heat can also be decoupled and used.

Consortium leader / applicant: Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH
Customer(s): APEX Energy Teterow GmbH

Federal state: Schleswig-Holstein
Place: 18299 Laage

Field(s) of application: Distribution network

Fuel cell system: PM Cube with five integrated fuel cell systems PM Frame S36
Rated power: 177.5 kW (gross, start of life)
Rated voltage: 400 VAC / 3ph. / 50 Hz
Fuel: Hydrogen 5.0

Commissioning: April 2020


Viktoria Hackner
089 1276265 22

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