Self-sufficient house

Power supply office container

Project description

Construction sites, mines and quarries depend on reliable power supply. However, a connection to the power grid is often neither technically nor economically feasible. In a gravel plant in southern Germany, a self-sufficient energy system consisting of a combination of photovoltaics, Li-NMC storage and fuel cell was installed in the customer project described. The daily energy demand of 10 – 12 kWh for office containers and truck scales is thus completely covered by renewable energy. As a result, this solution saves 88 percent fuel compared to the diesel hybrid system and reducesCO2 emissions by 93%.

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Project partner: Siqens GmbH
Customer(s): Open-cast mine of an operator in southern Germany.

State: Bavaria

Scope (s) of application: Self-sufficient house

Fuel cell system: SIQENS Ecoport 800
Rated power: 500 W
Fuel: Methanol (IMPCA 99.85%)
Fuel supply: 200 l

Commissioning: 01.11.2020


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