On-board power supply of a fire brigade personnel carrier

Project description

Reliable, mains-independent power supply is one of the major technical challenges for modern rescue and security forces. As digitalization continues to advance, BOS forces must be able to operate quickly and efficiently on site in exceptional scenarios and disasters, but also in everyday threat situations. Communication and positioning systems, optronics, charging of drone batteries, laptops, measuring, video and audio devices must function reliably and without interruption, both mobile and stationary, even when far from the grid. Up to now, the power supply has been based almost exclusively on generators and battery solutions with a very limited range. Depending on the duration of the operation, this leads to an enormous additional logistical effort. Until now, in order to charge the vehicle and auxiliary battery, the vehicle engine had to run for a correspondingly long time or be connected to a charger in the equipment house.

The EFOY Pro 2400 with 110 W is used in the fire department’s new crew transport vehicle. The EFOY Pro 2400 is a predecessor model of the new EFOY Pro 2800 with 125 W power. The fuel cell supplies the two on-board batteries, which in turn supply the entire on-board electronics.

The decisive advantage of an EFOY Pro is its lower operating fuel consumption and increased energy efficiency. In idle mode, the fuel consumption is 20 times higher than when using a fuel cell. Thus, the EFOY Pro relieves fuel logistics and significantly reduces operating costs. In addition to reducing CO2, particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions, the EFOY Pro ensures increased operational capability. Running the engine is no longer necessary.

Project partner: Raymond Götz GmbH BMW specialized master workshop, Hohenbrunn
Customer(s): Brunnthal volunteer fire brigade

State: Bavaria
Place: 85649 Brunnthal

Field(s) of application: Transport

Fuel cell system: EFOY Pro fuel cell
Rated power: 125 W
Fuel: Methanol
Fuel supply: 1x M10 fuel cartridge / 8.4 kg

Commissioning: 2020


SFC Energy AG
Christian Rucker
89 / 673 592 – 0

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