Off-Grid Power for Microwave Repeater Station


Our power generators run up to 10,000 operational hours unattended. This is a world record! That is why the leading U.S. telecom network operator trusts in our fuel cells. Those reliably provide power to several telecommunication facilities in Alaska. As Sunfire-Remote requires little effort, our equipment is very popular in Alaska, where microwave radio stations are often installed on mountain tops. Those applications can only be reached by helicopter – and only in good weather. Our customers benefit from long service intervals and low fuel consumption.

Projektpartner: Sunfire GmbH, Ensol Systems Inc., Canada
Kunde(n): Leading US telecom service provider

Bundesland: USA
Ort: Alaska

Anwendungsbereich(e): Telekommunikation

Brennstoffzellen-System: Sunfire-Remote 400 fuel cell generator
Überbrückungszeit: permanent off-grid power supply solution with PV hybrid for summer months         
Nennleistung: a two-digit number of units of 350 W each, installed at several sites
Brennstoff: Propane

Inbetriebnahme: 11/2019
Laufzeit: 11/2019 to present


Sunfire GmbH
Markus Münch – Senior Product Manager Fuel Cells
+49 351 896797-945

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