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Fuel cell for public safety and health in Singapore

Project description

Oneberry Technologies is a successful, award-winning provider of innovative security and monitoring technologies and partner of SFC Energy since 2010. The company is a market leader in remote monitoring solutions in Singapore and already operates over 1,500 “virtual guards” in the city. The EFOY Pro fuel cells are used in Oneberry solutions in Singapore, for example in mobile (robotic) off-grid flood early warning, surveillance and numerous other safety applications where reliable power supply is essential for the uninterrupted operation of critical public health and safety infrastructure. The Oneberry MobiCam, a rapidly mobilizable monitoring system, utilizes the fuel cell for long off-grid operation with no operator intervention required.

“We are currently seeing rapid growth in demand for all of our public safety and health systems,” said Ken Pereira, CEO of Oneberry Technologies. “We have now installed the 1,000th EFOY Pro fuel cell for this purpose and we expect demand in the autonomous systems segment to increase by a further 30% in 2020.”

Image: EFOY Pro fuel cells power robots equipped with thermal imaging cameras and “Contactless Situation Awareness” technology to perform COVID-19 security measures.

Customer(s): Oneberry Technologies

State: International
Place: Singapore

Fuel cell system: EFOY Pro fuel cells
Fuel: methanol, tank cartridges

Partnership since 2010


Ulrike Bienert-Loy
Tel. +49 89 673 592-377

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