Power supply for remote video surveillance equipment in large pipeline project

Project description

Simark Controls Ltd., an SFC Energy company, has received an order from Site-Watch Safety Inc. in Calgary, Canada, to supply EFOY Pro 2400 Duo fuel cells as a reliable hybrid power source for their remote monitoring package Site-Watch SENTRY SKID. The components will be used during the construction phase along the new 980 kilometer long pipeline. The order is worth CAD 0.325 million. SiteWatch Safety Inc. develops and supplies technical solutions for the energy sector. SENTRY SKID systems are autonomous, off-grid video surveillance systems that help companies document and respond to potential incidents at remote sites. With SENTRY SKID, a company is able to document wildlife incidents, unauthorized access and construction site accidents or intrusions such as theft and vandalism to increase security at remote sites.

EFOY Pro hybrid energy solutions by SFC Energy provide off-grid systems with energy permanently, autonomously, reliably and maintenance-free. Hybridized with a solar power system, sunlight powers the batteries and provides power to the application. During periods of darkness, the EFOY Pro fuel cell detects the voltage drop and automatically switches on to charge the battery before switching back to standby mode. In this way, the system guarantees uninterrupted operation. This configuration is extremely efficient and ensures full power redundancy: even if the solar cell is damaged or stolen, the fuel cell is sized to carry the full load and maintain battery power.

Customer(s): Site-Watch Safety Inc.

State: International
Place: Canada

Field(s) of application: Safety
Fuel cell system: EFOY Pro 2400 Duo
hybridized with a solar system


Jens Jüttner
Tel. +49 89 125 09 03-32

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