Clean Power Net

Fuel cells in industry and business

Clean Power Net is an open, nationwide, cross-sector consortium of companies spanning the entire value chain. Manufacturers and users are working together in an effort to provide industrial users with a supply of energy that is not only climate-friendly but also more efficient and therefore ‘smarter’.

The focus: Fuel cell applications for industry and business

Fuel cells offer numerous technical advantages over conventional power supply solutions, including: high reliability and durability, longer bridging times, lower energy consumption, off-grid applications and zero local emissions power generation.
They replace higher-maintenance diesel generators – also in combination with photovoltaics, and are deployed in a wide range of applications.



Use cases

All applications

Off-Grid Power for Microwave Repeater Station

Our power generators in alaska run up to 10,000 operational hours unattended: a world record! Therefore, in 2019, the leading U.S. network operator went for a long-term solution with Sunfire-Remote.

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