Off-Grid Power for temporary Railroad Crossings


The German Railway Company Deutsche Bahn trusts in Sunfire-Remote. Since 2017, we have been providing systems to power equipment for signals, barriers at level crossings and for construction works.

Fuel cell power in winter, solar energy in summer

Deutsche Bahn benefits from the flexible deployment options of our power generators. Utilizing the renewable sources available, our customer combines Sunfire-Remote with photovoltaic systems. While solar energy is sufficient to provide the necessary energy in summer, fuel cells take over in the dark winter months. 

Projektpartner: Sunfire
Kunde(n): DB Deutsche Bahn AG

Bundesländer: Sachsen-Anhalt & Schleswig-Holstein

Anwendungsbereich(e): Bahninfrastruktur

Brennstoffzellen-System: Sunfire-Remote 400 fuel cell generator
Überbrückungszeit: permanent off-grid power supply solution with PV for summer months        
Nennleistung: 350 W each, several units at different construction sites
Brennstoff: Propane / BioLPG

Inbetriebnahme: 2017
Laufzeit: 2017 to present


Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH
Markus Münch
+49 151 159 971 38

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