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Mains backup system for a substation of Bayernwerk AG

Project description

In the Bachhausen substation (district of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz), a PEM fuel cell-based emergency power system is being used for the first time in Bavaria to cover a substation’s own requirements in the event of a grid failure. Modl GmbH and Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH jointly designed, built and commissioned the emergency power system at the Bachhausen substation of Bayernwerk AG (formerly E.ON Bayern).

Fuel cell mains backup system supplies the technical facilities’ own needs in the event of a power failure. For example, in order to be able to carry out necessary switching measures for re-supply, each transformer station needs a grid-independent auxiliary power supply with a bridging time of at least ten hours. The substation in Bachhausen supplies the surrounding communities, telecommunications equipment of various mobile phone providers as well as pumping stations of the Main-Danube Canal.

The fuel cell backup power system directly feeds the 240 VDC intermediate circuit of the substation. All consumers of the UW are supplied via this intermediate circuit. The electrical power of the emergency power system is 5kW. Proton Motor supplied the PEM fuel cell module PM Module S5, the DC/DC converter and the data visualization to Modl. Modl has produced the corresponding cabinet. Together with Modl, Proton Motor developed the concept for integration into the UW and the associated safety concept. Likewise, the hydrogen storage has been done according to Proton Motor specifications. The fuel cell backup system is located in a heated outbuilding to protect it from the weather.

Consortium leader / applicant: Bayernwerk AG
Project partner: Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH

State: Bavaria
Place: Bachhausen

Field of application: Mains backup system
Fuel cell system: Proton Motor PM Module S5
Rated power: Approx. 900 W continuous load, 5kW power peaks
Fuel: Hydrogen / 1 bundle of 12 cylinders (50 l / 200 bar)


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