Self-sufficient house

Stationary fuel cell plant for the reconversion of regenerative hydrogen in Bochum

Project description

As part of this project, Proton Motor implemented and supplied a turnkey fuel cell system for indoor installation. The plant is part of a seasonal energy storage system within a newly constructed building complex with 81 apartments. There it is used to generate electricity and heat from hydrogen, which is produced and stored on site using PV and electrolysis.

Excerpt from the article “Bochum housing estate uses fuel cell with its own solar power”, (an independent expert portal and specialist medium on all topics relating to energy efficiency and renewable energies).

With the Energy Centre of the Future (EZZ) in Bochum-Weitmar, which opened in April 2021, Vonovia aims to supply at least 60% of a classic Bochum housing estate with self-sufficient heat. A 36 kW fuel cell from Proton Motor Fuel Cell will convert solar power into hydrogen.

The energy centre of the future is a glass technical centre including generation and distribution systems, which was built in Bochum-Weitmar in the middle of a classic housing estate of the Bochum company and supplies energy for 81 apartments in Bärendorfer Straße 2, (2a) to house number 24.

The innovative technologies include an electrolyser for the production of hydrogen from electricity, fuel cells and heat pumps, which will result in the adjacent buildings and households being supplied with 60% self-sufficient – i.e. decentrally generated –CO2-free heat. Vonovia generates 25% of the electricity it needs locally from its own PV systems on the roofs of its buildings.

A 36 kW fuel cell with direct connection to the mains, worth approx. 110,000 euros from the Bavarian hydrogen fuel cell experts Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH, will be used.

The technological brain of the EZZ is the AE District Manager from Ampeers Energy. The self-learning software optimizes a wide variety of elements across sectors: PV systems, heat pumps with storage, a hydrogen electrolyzer, fuel cells and charging stations for e-mobility.

The realisation of the technical centre took place together with a large-scale neighbourhood development. A number of new buildings, modernisation measures and extensions are planned for the next few years. In the long term, PV systems and measurement sensors will be installed in some buildings.

Consortium leader / applicant: Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH
Client(s): Vonovia SE

Federal state: North Rhine-Westphalia
Place: 44803 Bochum

Scope (s) of application: Self-sufficient house
Fuel cell system: PM Cube with integrated fuel cell system PM Frame S36

Rated power: 35.5 kW (gross, Begin of Life)
Fuel: Hydrogen 5.0

Commissioning: April 2021


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