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picea is the world’s first market-ready product that enables a year-round CO2-free and independent power supply for one/two-family houses.

For an event with over 300,000 spectators in the immediate vicinity of an arena, temporary CCTV surveillance was required.

Construction sites, mines and quarries depend on reliable power supply. However, a connection to the power grid is often neither technically nor economically feasible.

As is usual for critical applications, the site has a redundant design: two SIQENS Ecoport 800 fuel cell systems ensure an uninterruptible power supply.

The electronic supply is carried out exclusively with the use of renewable energy sources: Solar, wind, hydrogen.

The EFOY Pro 2400 fuel cell with 110 W is used in the fire department’s new crew transport vehicle and powers the batteries, i.e. the entire on-board electronics.

EFOY fuel cells supply AuroraHuts houseboat igloos in Finland and now also in Canada with environmentally friendly energy

In the event of power failures, the radio system must be kept operational without interruption for at least 72 hours.

Together with the Bamberg public utility company, Bosch is demonstrating in the city center with its stationary fuel cell what a climate-friendly energy supply of the future will look like.

Regional Division Southeast and Proton Motor commission the first modular fuel cell emergency power system (FC-NEA) of the DB Bahnbau Group.

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