Interview with Rami Reshef CEO of GenCell

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GenCell manufactures, sells and services fuel-cell based power solutions for utilities, telecom, homeland security, healthcare and niche industry markets.  With the recent events of hurricanes and earthquakes many people have been searching for generators to keep and restore power in a grid down situation.   GenCell has recently acquired the IEEE 693 seismic equipement standard for the G5rx utility backup power solution. With the IEEE 693 certification GenCell is poised to be the top choice in hydrogen fuel cell backup generators.

Mr. Reshef explained that the G5rx utility backup power station had to go through a series of non-nuclear shake tests at the Environmental Testing Laboratory (ETL) in Dallas, TX.  The system was tested at a 1.0g performance level that is equivalent to a ground level AC156 test SDS of 2.5g.  This is important because the highest reading from the earthquake in Mexico was 0.34g and the G5rx utility backup power station is rated at 3x’s more for than the highest recording from the Mexico earthquake.   With the IEEE 693 certification GenCell is capable of being in any seismic zone to provide instantaneous power backup if there is a grid down situation.

GenCell is the first fuel cell backup generator that is certified IEEE 693.  The G5rx utility backup power station offers a highly effective solution for backup power in natural disaster situations.  The G5rx produces very little noise at about 50 decibels, no emissions beside water, and can be contained inside or outside to provide a clean source of energy for substations and emergency responders.  In cases of flooding from hurricanes like we have seen in Houston and Puerto Rico the G5rx can be mounted on rooftops to act as power backups for utility substations, hospitals, labs, operation rooms and first responders because of how quiet it is in operation.

Rami Reshef and his management team have positioned GenCell to take advantage of CAPEX and OPEX benefits in the hydrogen fuel cell industry.  “GenCell removed the platinum from all catalyst to make the units more affordable and the units have been designed to work with industrial grade hydrogen to further help with the price of operations,” said Mr. Reshef.  The IEEE 693 certification will allow GenCell to be the preferred hydrogen fuel cell backup power for utilities, telecom, homeland security, and healthcare in any grid down situation.

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