For targeted and innovative market development

Together we want to create the technical infrastructure for fuel cell technology, expand its use and optimise its cost/benefit potential.

Networking makes us stronger

By exchanging knowledge and clear alignment of common interests we can combine our strengths. Despite increasing competition, highly diverse markets and very heterogeneous fuel cell technologies, 22 companies are now achieving synergies through collaboration within Clean Power Net. By joining forces it is also easier to eliminate barriers encountered when developing the market and introducing fuel cells in industrial and business applications.

Innovators, manufacturers and users of fuel cell technologies are working hand in hand with research and development institutes in an effort to boost Germany’s international competi-tiveness.

The partners in Clean Power Net

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Structure, financing and history

Clean Power Net has a clearly defined structure, with two spokesmen (Dr Henrik Colell, Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG and Andreas Saft, DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH), a Project Manager (Wolfgang Axthammer, NOW GmbH), a Coordinator (Joachim Jungsbluth, ZBT GmbH), a strategy group and several working groups. Issues to be addressed are agreed in connection with the Annual General Meeting and worked on over the course of the year.

Clean Power Net (CPN) was founded in 2010 by 12 companies. The initiator of the CPN network is NOW GmbH with support from the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology. Today CPN consists of 22 partners and since July 2013 it has been promoted as a “lighthouse project” under the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Programme (NIP).

Clean Power Net is financed through twice-yearly subscriptions from the respective partners, which make up around 50% of its funding, with the other half coming from the NIP (until mid-2020)

Initiator and promoter: NOW GmbH has been commissioned by the Federal Government to implement the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Programme (NIP). Alongside individual projects, this promotional programme also makes provision for so-called “lighthouse” projects. Clean Power Net provides a platform for implementing the “Fuel Cells for Uninterruptible Power Supplies in Industry and Business” project. Germany’s federal states have declared their willingness to co-finance the NIP and the Bavarian State Government has accordingly agreed to meet the costs of the start-up phase (2010/11). The State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia hosted the CPN’s inaugural General Meeting in February 2012 at NRW’s representative office in Berlin. Subsequent hosts were the respective Berlin representative offices of Baden-Wurttemberg in 2013, Brandenburg in 2014, North Rhine-Westphalia in 2015, Hesse in 2016 and North Rhine-Westphalia in 2017. The Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG was host in 2018.

„As an international provider of resource-efficient and autonomous energy solutions for the telecommunications industry, we now see a clear trend towards the reduced use of fossil fuels and a simultaneous increase in security of supply for mobile-phone base stations. The use of renewable energies, especially fuel cells, offers comprehensive, sustainable solutions to these problems. The provision of secure power supplies with fuel cells is the key priority for Clean Power Net. It therefore goes without saying that our company is actively involved in the establishment of this future-oriented network.”

Dr. Henrik Colell
Spokesman CleanPower Net, Founder and CTO, HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH

„Our goal is a future founded on 100% environment-friendly energy supplies. Together with Clean Power Net we are driving forward the development of environmental technologies and we take pride in the fact that our green technologies are already being rolled out. The fuel cell is a particularly smart alternative for ensuring the backup power of all important electricity supply installations within the railway infrastructure and also plays a vital role in protecting the environment.“

Andreas Saft
Spokesman (Deputy) Clean Power Net, Head of the Equipment Service Unit, DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH

Whether user, manufacturer or multiplier:
In the network, we extend the use and the potential of fuel cell technology in Industry and Business.

Wolfgang Axthammer
Tel.: 030/3116116-20