ZSW develops hydrogen strategy paper

In a strategy paper, the ZSW, together with the Fraunhofer IAO and the DLR, has worked out how the Stuttgart Region can best prepare itself for hydrogen as the energy carrier of the future. The publication “Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Strategy for the Stuttgart Region” is now available.

Green hydrogen is regarded as the energy carrier of the future and is an important element in achieving global climate protection goals. Accordingly, the design of a global hydrogen economy is currently developing dynamically. Even if technological and regulatory foundations still have to be laid for its establishment, hydrogen can contribute to achieving the decarbonisation targets at EU, national and state level through its flexible application possibilities in all sectors.

For the Stuttgart Region, too, one of the most important strategic goals is the market activation and industrialisation of the hydrogen and fuel cell economy, in order to maintain and expand prosperity and jobs through the structural change towards “green” technologies. The efforts of Baden-Württemberg and thus also of the Stuttgart Region in the coming years will determine the role of the state and the region on the future hydrogen world market.

The strategy paper, which Maike Schmidt and Marcel Klingler from the ZSW collaborated on, builds on the roadmaps of the EU, Germany and Baden-Württemberg and contains guidelines for the transformation of the Stuttgart region into a green hydrogen region.


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