Sunfire: Finland’s first green hydrogen plant: P2X Solutions relies on Sunfire electrolyser

Sunfire: Finland’s first green hydrogen plant: P2X Solutions relies on Sunfire electrolyser

Harjavalta, March 22, 2022

Finnish green hydrogen and power-to-X pioneer P2X Solutions has big plans: a 20 MW electrolyzer from Sunfire will produce Finland’s first green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen is considered one of the most promising solutions for decarbonizing industrial processes. Now the first steps towards a cleaner future are also being taken in Finland: P2X Solutions, Finnish pioneer in green hydrogen and power-to-X technologies, is building Finland’s first green hydrogen production plant in Harjavalta.

The electrolysis technology used to produce the green hydrogen is developed and produced by Sunfire – one of the world’s leading electrolysis companies. The pressurized alkali electrolyzer has a capacity of 20 MW and is scheduled for delivery in 2023. The first commercial operation of the hydrogen plant is planned for 2024.

“We are proud to contribute to the P2X Solutions lighthouse project with our electrolysis technology,” said Nils Aldag, CEO of Sunfire. “As a pioneer for green hydrogen in Finland, P2X is taking a crucial step for the country’s energy transition. At Sunfire, we place a lot of emphasis on working with pioneers like P2X Solutions to accelerate the expansion of innovative cleantech solutions in Europe.”

Using renewable electricity, Sunfire’s electrolyzer breaks down water into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen. The Dresden-based company – also known for its innovative high-temperature electrolysers – has already implemented over 70 projects worldwide. The pressure alkali electrolyzer runs at an operating pressure of 30 bar(g) and is considered one of the most reliable electrolysis solutions.

“The expansion of the hydrogen market plays a crucial role in achieving Finland’s climate goals and more energy self-sufficiency in the country,” said Herkko Plit, CEO of P2X Solutions. “For our green hydrogen plant in Harjavalta, we need reliable electrolysis technology – that’s why we chose Sunfire. Our goal is to process some of the green hydrogen into renewable synthetic fuels.”

The pioneering project is supported by the Finnish government: the Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs and the Finnish Climate Fund are together providing 36 million euros. In total, P2X Solutions is planning an investment of approximately 70 million euros.

About P2X Solutions
P2X Solutions is a Finnish pioneer in green hydrogen and power-to-X technologies. The company is accelerating the expansion of the hydrogen market holistically and innovatively in all areas of the value chain. P2X Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of green hydrogen and synthetic fuel and supplies turnkey hydrogen plants.

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