Siqens has developed a key technology to recharge batteries and replace diesel or gasoline generators with a clean and reliable power source. Siqens plans to expand its product platform towards higher power fuel cells to penetrate more application areas such as electric vehicles and power supply systems. The patented technology is unique in that it runs on industrial grade methanol, a globally available carrier for hydrogen. Methanol offers significant cost advantages and is widely regarded as one of the leading carbon-neutral fuels of the future.

SimplyHydrogen, a Shanghai-based market player in the hydrogen and fuel cell segment with experience in market development, sales and service, and Siqens, German developer of the Ecoport HT-PEM methanol fuel cell product platform, will explore opportunities for collaboration, investment and joint market development activities in China and internationally.


SIQENS, founded in Munich in 2012, develops and produces methanol fuel cells. The units are used as an alternative to diesel generators and are used for emergency power supply, as well as in places without a fixed connection to the power grid.

The SIQENS fuel cell system, the Ecoport, is operated with liquid methanol. Hydrogen is produced from the methanol in the Ecoport. This reacts with oxygen to generate electrical energy. The Ecoport is connected to a battery and automatically recharges it when needed. Connected electrical devices are supplied directly from the battery. Thanks to patented circuits for the recovery of process media and energy, the system runs particularly efficiently.

In contrast to diesel generators, fuel cells are economical, require hardly any maintenance and emit neither fine dust nor nitrogen oxides, as well as significantly reducedCO2 emissions. If methanol from regenerative sources is used, operation is completely climate-neutral.

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