New order from DB Bahnbau: “PM Frame” fuel cell system for Deutsche Bahn subsidiary

Proton Motor is pleased to announce a new order from a long standing customer. Following the recent extension of the cooperation agreement with DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH, which was first published on 20 July 2015, an order has been received for a PM Frame fuel cell system as a modular solution for customer-specific integration.

In addition, the Bavarian high-tech expert was awarded a maintenance contract for 22 systems delivered in 2016, with DB Bahnbau acting as general contractor. DB Bahnbau is a subsidiary of “Deutsche Bahn AG” – the federally owned railway group based in Berlin – and a full-service provider of railway infrastructure.

Image line: Proton Motor’s PM Frame fuel cell system equips Emergency Power Systems (EPS) for uninterruptible and off-grid power supply.


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