Hydrogen for the home – GASAG cooperates with HPS Home Power Solutions


February 18, 2020 – CO2-free and energy self-sufficient – with the decentralized energy system Picea from HPS, solar energy is converted into green hydrogen. Homeowners can use the system to generate renewable energy themselves, store it and use it to supply themselves all year round. Users also have full transparency over consumption and costs. GASAG is cooperating with HPS to develop an emission-free and sustainable offer for homeowners.

With the Picea system, HPS has developed a system for single-family homes in which the latest energy technologies work together efficiently: Solar power system with charge controller and inverter, battery, electrolyser, fuel cell and ventilation unit. GASAG has installed its first PICEA system at a customer’s site, thus building up expertise in the installation and operation of hydrogen systems. The energy service provider is thus continuing to pursue its goal of contributing to aCO2-neutral future for the Berlin-Brandenburg region.


BU (from left to right): Ralph Lügger, Zeyad Abul-Ella, Managing Director HPS, Michael Kamsteeg, Member of the Board GASAG and Jan Schmidt, Managing Director Enapter, in front of the Lügger family’s new plant.

With a PV system on the roof, solar electricity is generated, which can either be used immediately, stored in batteries or converted into hydrogen by means of an electrolyser. In the company’s own hydrogen storage facilities, this green energy is then available all year round for the company’s own power supply. The waste heat generated during plant operation is also used for hot water or heating. This additionally reduces the energy requirement and thus the energy costs.

Hydrogen can be produced from water by electrolysis. Electrolysis uses electricity to break down water into the elements hydrogen and oxygen. If renewably produced electricity is used for this purpose, the hydrogen isCO2-free. In this case, the term green hydrogen is often used. This can be stored and used with the help of a fuel cell for further electricity and heat supply.

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