HY2-Hello to Australia: Proton Motor fuel cell “Module S8” travels with GKN for hydrogen storage

n August 2021, international Proton Motor customer GKN Hydrogen placed another follow-up order as a business unit of the “GKN Powder Metallurgy” division – of the well-known mechanical engineering and aerospace company www.gkn.com. To date, 25 orders have been received for the Proton Motor product “PM Module S8” for implementation in the innovative HY2 hydrogen storage system.

A first HY2MINI system was picked up these days in its green GKN Hydrogen container for transport Down Under. Proton Motor wishes a safe journey to its destination in New South Wales, Australia. There in the rural region, hydrogen storage is a much safer and cleaner option over the more common diesel generators that have often caused bushfires or been damaged in natural disasters.

Image line: Ready to leave for faraway Australia is the HY2MINI hydrogen storage system, which implements a Proton Motor fuel cell._(c) GKN Hydrogen


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