• Proton Motor-Management values strategic knowledge parameters as the basis for “Made in Germany” success.
  • At EU level, Proton Motor is a sought-after partner for hydrogen fuel cell projects.

In the high-tech and fuel cell sector, innovations, patents and continuous further development for PEM technology (Proton Exchange Membrane) as well as long-term partnerships guarantee sustainable “green” success for the future. Since its foundation more than 20 years ago, Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH has been building and trusting above all in the strategic parameter of “corporate knowledge” in the sense of “intellectual property” with regard to high-quality industrialisation production “Made in Germany”.

“We offer the world’s most powerful hydrogen fuel cell made of graphite bipolar plates – the so-called heart of the stacks – for up to 71 kW. The output can be extended into the megawatt range through combinations. Our freeze-storage and freeze-start capable models with a long service life also have the great advantage that they can be installed in two ways, horizontally and vertically,” explains CTO & COO Sebastian Goldner with regard to the production USP at the Proton Motor site in Puchheim near Munich. In addition, Goldner added, as the market leader, the company serves the high customer demand for complete fuel cell systems, which are used as “Plug & Play”, for example, in stationary combined heat and power generation or for emission-free and uninterruptible power supply.