Clean Power Net is an open, nationwide, cross-sector consortium of companies spanning the entire value chain. Manufacturers and users are working together in an effort to provide industrial users with a supply of energy that is not only climate-friendly but also more efficient and therefore ‘smarter’.

The focus: industry and business
Fuel cells offer numerous technical advantages over conventional power supply solutions: a longer service life, longer bridging times and lower energy consumption. Clean Power Net is therefore showing the way towards an efficient, intelligent and resource-sparing future.


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SFC Energy launches new modular hydrogen fuel cell solution EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell 2.5 – Bavarian State Minister Dr. Florian Herrmann and Member of the German Parliament Florian Hahn visit SFC Energy

The entire SFC Energy team is very pleased about the visit of the State Minister Dr. Florian Herrmann and of the Member of the German Parliament Florian Hahn, who will get a deeper insight into the production and the development center for hydrogen and methanol fuel cells.



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