Workshop Experiences with Stack-Test Procedures


Dear friends of the fuel cell technology,

herewith I like to invite you to our workshop „Experiences with Stack-Test Procedures“

on Jan., 20st and 21st (Tuesday and Wednesday) 2015
at Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg, Germany

Within the European project “Stack-Test” the objective is to develop a guideline for PEM fuel cell stack characterisation with focus on performance, durability and safety guidelines and applicable for portable, stationary and automotive applications. In this workshop the aim is to provide a forum to discuss the first validation phase and the developed Test Modules. Topics including structured test procedures and linkage between stack testing and international standards, with focus on safety, will be discussed in the form of invited talks and contributions from project partners. The aim is to initiate an active discussion on generic PEM fuel cell stack testing procedures.

On Mo., Jan. 19th, we would like to invite you to a Get Together and on Tues, Jan. 20st, we will invite you for a workshop dinner.

We made a room reservation at Hotel Stadt Freiburg, which is in direct neighbourhood of Fraunhofer ISE ( Just mention the keyword „Stack-Test-Workshop“.

We are looking forward to meeting you.
To register please fill out the PDF (siehe DOWNLOADS) and send it back to thomas.jungmann(a) or fax it to +49 761 4588 9213.


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