Continuous power supply for a wireless broadband internet distribution at an off-grid location.

The system is based on the Heliocentris Nexa® 1200 fuel cell module. A highlyefficient DC/DC converter, specially developed for the Nexa® 1200, generates a regulated system voltage of 24 VDC. This, in turn, feeds an inverter, which provides the 230 VAC for the repeater system.

All system components are housed in a special developed outdoor enclosure. An integrated hydrogen sensor system enables a safe operation without supervision. Voltages, currents, temperatures and humidity are recorded in an industrial PC and transmitted through a data interface to a remote monitoring point.

The hydrogen supply takes place through two bundles of 12 bottles with 300 bar, connected in parallel, whose capacity enables continuous operation for approx. 25 days.

The project was realized in a very short time. Over the course of several months – even in poor weather conditions – the autonomous operation was successfully demonstrated in use.

Das Projekt wurde in sehr kurzer Zeit realisiert. Über mehrere Monate hinweg – auch bei schlechten Witterungsverhältnissen – konnte der autarke Betrieb der Anwendung erfolgreich demonstriert werden.

Applicant:Heliocentris Energiesysteme GmbH / Complus AG
Project partner(s):COMplus AG,
ODASCO-Heliocentris Europe GmbH
German Federal State:Brandenburg
Postcode, locality:14770 Brandenburg an der Havel
Application field(s):Information technology
Fuel cell System:Nexa® 1200, 1,2 kW
Backup time:
Rated output:24 VDC
Rated voltage:230 VAC
Fuel:Hydrogen 5.0
Hydrogen capacity:29 kg
Hydrogen fill pressure:
300 bar
Battery capacity:
18 Ah
Runtime: 15.8.2010-11.5.2011


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Business Development Manager

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